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Practice gesture drawing with your own reference images!

No static libraries, no mandatory subscription, no internet connection.

Create Reference Libraries

QuickRef allows you to use the images you already have. No need to upload or download anything. Organize the photos with the file manager that's already on your computer. Simply place some photos into a folder on your computer and create a library in QuickRef.

Configure Your Session

Similar to other tools online, a session in QuickRef is made up of intervals. Simply select a reference library, decide how long you want each image to display and how much time to rest between intervals. Then start the session!

Practice Offline

With QuickRef you can take your practice offline. Use it in fullscreen mode with a regular sketchbook or pin the window overtop of your favourite drawing program.


QuickRef is available FREE for Windows and MacOS through itch.io

You can use it in these languages: English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Русский

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